Duncan Phillips, Ph.D, P.Eng.

Senior Consultant | Principal, RWDI

Duncan Phillips is RWDI’s global practice leader for building performance. His team develops climate-responsive design strategies for individual buildings and masterplans. Clients benefit from Phillips’ ability to solve tough building physics problems by analyzing air flow and heat transfer phenomena. These capabilities have applications in ventilation strategies as well as renewable energy. Phillips is a critical player in RWDI’s efforts to both diminish buildings’ contribution to climate change through passive and low-energy design and to design for future climate scenarios by increasing buildings’ resilience to extreme weather events.

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May 30 - June 2, 2018
Saint John, New Brunswick

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The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the Architects' Association of New Brunswick have partnered to present the 2018 Festival of Architecture May 30 - June 2 in Saint John.

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